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Hello, my name is Gyorfi, I run Bluefx.net. As you can see, our Facebook page already has almost 1,000 members! Go ahead and become a fan, I will always post new stuff here, like tutorials, and free files and templates.

Today, I will show you a quick trick with Dropbox. As you may remember, I made a quick tutorial on Dropbox before, but I forgot to mention a very handy and important option in it: the Public folder. Let me show you how it works. Right click on the logo here, at the Dropbox application – if you don’t have the program installed, check out my last tutorial. Let’s open up the Dropbox folder; open the Public folder, which is a default folder. Let’s copy a file in this folder. As soon as the upload is finished, the blue circle turns green. Right click on this file, go to the Dropbox menu, and hit Copy Public Link. This way, a link will be created; if you send this link to your client, he will be able to open and download your project without signing up for Dropbox, or installing the application.

For me, this is extremely useful, and I hope it will help you in working with your clients and coworkers. Thanks again! This was Gyorfi from Bluefx.net. See you soon.

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