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Welcome back to My name is Gyorfi Szilard, and this tutorial I will show you how to transfer big video files, fast and safely. Your client has the video footage ready for you: How do you transfer the files? You could use FTP, but for this, you or your client need to have access to an FTP account on the server. In the past, I have used an FTP account on my web host, but transfer speeds were slow, interruptions were common, and clients may not be familiar with FTP.

Now, I use Dropbox. This is a free service. Initially you receive 2GB of storage space, but you can get up to 5GB, for free, just by inviting friends and subscribing to Dropbox. If you need more, you can upgrade to 50GB for $10, or 100GB for $20. I usually keep my Dropbox in Basic mode, so when a client comes along with those huge 25GB HD videos, I just upgrade to Pro. You pay for just one month, so if you don’t need 50GB all the time, it’s easy to downgrade back to Basic.

Here’s how it works. Open the link under this video to receive an extra 250MB of storage. Create an account, and after it’s created, log in to your Dropbox page and install the Dropbox application. I already have it installed – but it creates a Dropbox folder on your system. Make sure it’s on a hard drive with at least 100GB of free space. This is the folder created by Dropbox. Go back to your Dropbox page, and go to Sharing. Click on Share a Folder; this will be the folder your client enters their footage into. Click Next, and enter the email address of the client; only you and the invited collaborators can access or modify the content of the folder. Enter some instructions for the client here, maybe, and click Share Folder.

Your client will install the Dropbox folder, and you are ready to go. A new folder will appear in your Dropbox folder, this one, the footage. Now just drop in video files, or any type of footage here. The content will by synced between you and the client.

You can increase your storage a couple ways. Let’s start with the free ones. Go to Getting Started, take the Dropbox tour; you will only need to watch a video, and after it’s done you will receive an extra 250MB of storage. Now go to Invite Friends to Join Dropbox, the last option. You can send the link via email, or post it on your blog. For every friend who subscribes through this link, you will receive an extra 250MB.

Dropbox really made file transfers easy for me, so I hope this information was useful for you. Give it a try!

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