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In this tutorial I’ll show you how to import a Sony Vegas project to After Effects.

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Hi, I’m Gyorfi Szilard, from Bluefx.net. In this tutorial, I will show you a quick trick  how to import Sony Vegas projects into After Effects.

Sony Vegas is excellent for editing video. In After Effects, editing audio can be difficult, but Sony Vegas is great for it. So let’s see how to edit video and audio in Sony Vegas. This will be a simple project, to demonstrate how to transfer the project back to After Effects. I have two video files, and one audio file. As you can see, you can scrub the timeline like this. Now you can make cuts  I like to hold down the layer and press S. You can edit really easily with Sony Vegas. We can also make edits to the audio, fade it up, make it shorter, trim it. Here we have our small project. Now, here comes the fun part. If you want to transfer the Sony Vegas project, with all the edits, into After Effects, you need to save it in a special format. Go to File”Save As… Now, at the file type, select Avid Legacy AAF file format.

Now, open After Effects and select the AAF. You can hit OK if the import log appears, which is unimportant, and you can see that After Effects made the folder, and you can see all the components of the Sony Vegas project, and it made for us a composition with all the edits. Open the composition, and you’ll see that we have the video edited just as it was in Sony Vegas. This can be very useful, but there are a couple limitations. If the videos had audio layers, then it would make a separate track for the audio too, so you should shut the audio layers off if the video has them. What are the limitations? If you faded the music, or made any changes to the volume, After Effects won’t see those edits; it will have the same volume, and is not faded in. By the way, I hit L two times, and you can see it’s not faded. We hear the audio, it plays like this, and in the Sony Vegas composition you can hear this nice fade. This is a limitation, but all the same, it can be very useful, especially for timing audio to the video.

I hope this was useful! My name is Gyorfi Szilard, visit my other tutorials, and other Sony Vegas tutorials are coming up. Make sure you subscribe to my Twitter at www.twitter.com/bluefx, because I post new articles and tutorials there, so you can easily know when I make a new one. Thanks again! See you soon.



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