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Hi, my name is Gyorfi Szilard, I’m the owner of In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how you can install the Ease and Wizz script from Ian Haigh. First, go to Click on the Download button, open the link, and save the file. We’ll copy it into the After Effects script folder. The easy way to find this is right-clicking on the After Effects shortcut, and opening the file location. Now open the Scripts folder; create the folder Script UI Panel, in case you don’t already have this folder. Place the downloaded file into this folder, extract it, and delete the ZIP file. Open the folder Ease and Wizz; copy its contents and go back to the Script UI Panel, and paste the content here. You can delete the other folder now. I use Windows, but if you work under Mac, just use the content of the Mac OSX folder. The next step is to open After Effects, and go to EditPreferencesGeneral, and check the Allow Scripts to Write and Access Network. Now you can restart After Effects, and the new script panel will be ready to use. Open it from the window menu. It works the same way in After Effects CS4, too; you just copy the files to the Script UI Panel, change the preferences, restart After Effects, and it’s ready to use.


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