Rendering in After Effects The Effective Way Part 2


In this second part of the video tutorial you will learn how to render multiple versions of a project in the same time. This process can save you a lot of time.

The project that you see in the tutorial can be found here: Logo Reveal After Effects Template

See the first part of the video tutorial here: https://bluefx.net/after-effects-templates/rendering-in-after-effects-the-effective-way-part-1/

After Effects Text Tutorials of the video

Welcome back to Bluefx.net. This is the second part of the tutorial for rendering; here, you will see how you can set up multiple projects, and render once. You can set up two, or three, or four projects, and get them ready to render — and then you render them all at once, so you don’t waste time by rendering, then editing another project, then waiting again for rendering, and so on.

So, in this example, we have one of my templates — it’s called “Logo Review” — and we’re going to render this out. You may want to make multiple versions of this template; for instance, one of the versions will be with one logo, another will have another logo or a different text. Here, we’re going to test only the different text versions, so it goes faster. Let’s change the text, and we will name this one “Website 1.com.” Let’s go back to the main composition. Now, if we add this to the render queue, by going to Composition–Make Movie, and then making another modification, going back to the main composition and changing the text to “Website 2,” and then bringing it to the render queue with Composition–Make Movie, you would expect to have two different videos — Website 1, and Website 2. But unfortunately this is not the case; After Effects will render out the same video twice, in this setup, so you will have Website 2 twice. But there is a solution.

Let’s delete the render queue items for now, and go back to our main composition. And let’s make a folder, called Folder 1. Drag in all the elements of this project into this one folder. Now open this folder, and just edit the text to Website 1. Going back to the project below, we’ll make another folder, called Website 2. And in this folder, we’re going to re-import the same project we don’t copy it again, but re-import it by going to File”Import”File, and selecting the project the template we are using. Click open. Now we have the same project, imported twice; in this case, we can change the elements separately. So let’s go into the second folder and start changing the text. Write Website 2 here, and close the folder. We would like to render these two videos, so what we do is first, open Website 1 and go to its Main Composition. It’s very important to open the Main Composition, located in the first folder. As you can see, we have Website 1 text here. Now, we’re going to add this to the render queue by going to Render-Make Movie. This is the first video. OK, now open the Website 2 Main Composition folder, and you can see Website 2 here. Add this one to the render queue. And here, we’re going to have two different movies two elements in the render queue, and when you hit Render, the videos will be different.

So let’s just hit Render by the way, when you hit Render now, After Effects will render all the elements here; it will work automatically, and you will have two videos rendered at the same time. I’ll click Render now. Now we’re rendering the second video; let’s see the two videos we just rendered. Here’s the first one, Website 1. And here’s the second, Website 2. So this way we created two videos, and we had to set up everything only one time. Imagine if your rendering time is two or three hours! You don’t have to edit the project, wait three hours, and edit the project again; what you can do is set up two or three or four, or five rendering projects in the queue, and hit Render, and let the rendering process run overnight, or when you’re away from the computer. If you need to computer, you can also render with the background renderer script that I have shown you on the other video tutorial.

I hope this was useful, and clear enough to understand. If you have any questions, just leave a comment on this video tutorial. Thank you for your patience, and I hope to see you soon.

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