In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to edit/customise my free after effects template called SpinBox

After Effects Text Tutorials of the video

Hi, I’m Gyorfi Szilard, owner of Thanks for downloading my first free template; all my templates work in Adobe After Effects CS4, so in case you have CS4, you can use that too. I prefer to make them in CS3 projects, because more people can use it that way.

Let’s see how this template is built, and how it works. You can see, in the Project panel, you have 00Main; this is the main composition, which is open here. You can also see other folders. In this folder is everything you will need to change. Open this folder, and here you will see the four sides of the box, and the top of it. When you want to change one of the sides, you just double-click here, at Video 1, and drag in a video. For example, I’ll drag in this boats video to the project panel, and put it in. Now I’m working at quarter resolution; you can put it back to full, if you like; you can resize it if you need to, and I have set the composition to NTSC DV resolution. You can also drag in images, instead of videos; they work the same way. And you do the same thing for the other faces of the box. Now, let’s go back to the main composition, and let’s put it back to full resolution. You can see that, on full resolution, it does take some time to render a frame; so I recommend you put it back to quarter when you work, only using full resolution to make fine adjustments. Let’s see how you can change the text. This font is called Bifurk; just Google it and go to the first link to download the font. Once downloaded, you need to install it; go to your C: drive, where Windows is located, and select the Fonts folder, open it, and after Bifurk is unzipped, drop it in this folder and it will be installed.

Here, you have the three texts that will appear. You will need to edit these three layers  Text 1, Text 2, and Text 3. I need to let you know I used a plugin on this, called Trapcode Starglow, which gives this nice glow around the edges and on the text. If you don’t have it, the composition will still work, but that effect won’t be available.

How can you change the text? Select the layer you want to change, let’s say Text 1, click on it, and edit the text. So, let’s say, first text. You shouldn’t scale the text; if you want to make it smaller, use the settings here  select the Text layer, and make it larger, smaller, however you need it. You can individually select parts of the text, if you select it like this; let’s say I want this part to be smaller, and I want this part slightly larger. You can do it here, but don’t scale it; it can mess up the animation. If you would like to make this gap to be shorter, just edit it here. If you want the text to be a little lower, you can also edit it here, or from the position, because the position has no key frames. You can do the same to the second text, and the third one as well. You can change the font as well, if you don’t like this one. Go back to quarter resolution; if you want to preview the motion. Let’s preview this part. Great. When you come to the last part, I edited this text, Bluefx template. This is the video layer you will use, from the second video, here. If you don’t want this text to fade in  and I’m sure you don’t! just turn it off. This white solid one is the margin. If you don’t want this Bluefx template text on your video, which I’m sure you don’t, just turn off the text, or maybe change the text here, or turn it off completely, and turn off this white layer but not this one, because it is the margin. Let’s go back to Main, and you can render now, using Composition—Make Movie. I recommend using QuickTime, and Photo JPEG. Select Audio if you have it, or stretch the video to the size you want.

Also, I want to mention the audio you can hear on this track is not copyright-free, so I’m not able to send it, but the other templates on my Store page have sounds and music that were composed by a good friend of mine  this video, for example, has an awesome soundtrack. The rest of the videos will have audio, as you can see, but SpinBox doesn’t come with audio.

Thank you for your time! I hope you like this template. If you want, you can check out my other templates. Send me any comments, ideas, things you like, things you don’t like, or things you’d like to see in a template or tutorial. Hope to see you soon!



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