The 7 secrets to creating amazing explainer videos



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The 7 secrets to creating amazing explainer videos

An Explainer video can be used to easily explain your company’s product or service.
But did you know that the attention span of an average internet user is just seven seconds?
Seven seconds is all you have to grab your visitors attention or lose them forever.
So it’s critical that you start your video right.

There is a neat little trick to catch the attention of your visitor right at the get go, that I’ll show you soon, but first lets see what you need to create an amazing explainer video :

  • A simple script
  • friendly graphics
  • professional voice-over
  • and background music.

If you use these five elements correctly, you can captivate your visitors and keep their eyes locked on the screen.
In the script you plan out the story of your video. The graphics will make the story fun and easy to watch while the voiceover artist delivers the message. The background music will help set the right mood for your video so it’s more pleasant to watch.

Now back to the attention grabbing trick:
Start you video by identifying the problem with a question.
Something like: Do your eyes hurt while watching TV late at night?
Of course as a video creator most of the time you’ll get a readily made script from your clients… But that doesn’t mean you can’t help them with an idea or two, does it?
So don’t just show a logo intro. Quickly ask the question and show something interesting on the screen. Remember you only have 7 seconds to make your first impression. By the time those 7 seconds are over, your viewer has already decided whether they’re going to hang around and watch your video or not.
When describing the problem it’s also good to show frustrated or sad characters. This makes an emotional impact that helps you make your point.
Next, provide your viewer with the solution to the problemStart showing happy characters. In this part you can show the logo intro of your company.
Something like: “With the new Extra Large Illuminated TV screens from the Big TV company, you can watch your favorite movies all night long, and your eyes wont hurt at all.”

Now demonstrate how your product works:
Because the TV screens come with a special background illumination your eyes can easily adapt to the brightness of the screen.
Show product images, snapshots – and of course happy people.
Then summarize the video and close with a call to action, for example, “get your Extra Large Illuminated TV screens from the Big TV company, call us now at 555-555-555”
It is best to keep your video under 2 minutes… Since average people talk at about 150 words per minute, that gives you about 300 words.
Graphics are very important – make sure you use friendly drawings.

By the way, here is another trick that every video editor must know:
Have you seen how the character that just entered the screen had a popping motion? This makes the illustration seem more real. The elements on your screen should always be moving, so after they finish the popping motion add just a little bit of zoom. I’ll show you how to create the popping motion in after effects in the next tutorial.

With a video like this it’s good to keep it simple and mostly black and white. This will minimize distractions so you can clearly deliver your message while giving the video an elegant look.

good quality voice over is also important. There should be no background noise and it’s best to hire a native speaker. Experts say a lot of people will watch videos with bad video quality… But almost noone will watch a video with bad audio. For the “uplifting” part of the video where you provide the solution it’s best to use a music track that is upbeat and fun while keeping the volume of the music at 20% or less, so that it’s not conflicting with your voice over artist. Also use side-chaining to make more of your music track –slightly lower the volume when there is a voice over section, and slightly increase the volume when there isn’t.

I hope this was helpful… Stay tuned, because there is more cool stuff coming your way – in a few days you’ll get a free music track, and a cost effective solution to find high quality narrators. You’ll also get a free whiteboard template that you can start playing with right away!

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